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Discrete shipped package from pick pack and ship services

What is a Pick, Pack, & Ship Service?

As businesses grow larger in scope and scale, such as developing new product lines or opening up markets in emerging regions, they often find they can’t get by as well as they used to at managing their own inventory, warehousing, and shipping tasks.

For example, you may have started a new sideline offering subscription boxes every month, or you are experimenting with crowdfunding to launch new products, and must account for viral demand after a successful marketing campaign.

It’s a common issue for companies to learn that they need to start outsourcing tasks to experts, so they can better meet their customers’ shipping requirements.

Instead of getting bogged down in the details of shipping, they find it’s best to turn to a company such as B&C Logistics to keep things moving smoothly through the pipeline, no matter what complications may arise during the process. Outsourcing to a company like B&C Logistics is an affordable way to move inventory faster and more professionally. 

B&C Logistics is the preferred provider of pick-pack-and-ship services, utilizing its extensive 3PL expertise and experience to assist companies of all sizes in enhancing their supply chain efficiency. If you’re new to outsourcing picking, packing, and shipping services to third-party experts, an introduction is in order.

What is a Pick Pack Ship?

The pick, pack, and ship system is a series of 3 steps that you complete to make sure orders get out in time. It’s a way to fulfill orders as efficiently as possible. As orders arrive, 3PL professionals pick items from large containers, pack them into the appropriately sized box for delivery, and then ship them out to the customer.

Common Types of Picking Methods

There are many approaches to getting inventory out of a warehouse, depending on how large and complex your typical shipping scenarios are. You’ll be glad to know that the team at B&C Logistics is skilled and experienced in all types of picking methods, including:

Zone Picking:

We divide the warehouse space into discrete zones where only specific employees handle a section. This is a suitable approach when you are working with a wide variety of products that would be difficult for one team to master on its own.

Piece/Discreet Picking

Piece/discreet picking is a fundamental method of getting items out the door. Members of the pick, pack, and ship system team will obtain items on an individual basis, grabbing them from open shelves or taking them out of boxes, in most cases.

warehouse employee pick pack ship products to customers all over the country and globe

Wave Picking

B&C Logistics takes advantage of the scaling abilities afforded by a wave picking approach. We assemble workers into special groups according to your company’s shipping schedule and geographical details, customers, or product SKU.

Doing so allows us to work faster and more efficiently in the face of a mountain of different items. Given the larger scale of this type of shipping, you need to invest more time and resources into managing the process so it will work effectively.

Batch Picking

It makes sense to work in batches as your company starts to send out ever-increasingly larger amounts of orders. Members of the warehouse crew will be in charge of picking up the same item for multiple orders, rather than picking different items for each individual order as it appears in the line.

Packing Methods

Each company will have different requirements and desires for how it wants its products to be packed up.

Methods include whether you need packing materials added, to protect delicate items. In some cases, you’ll want to insert an invoice or other forms of documentation. Businesses that have a guaranteed protocol for handling returns will want to add return labels to the packing process. B&C Logistics is standing by to consult with you about your best options for packing.

Shipping Methods

We offer same-day shipping for orders received before 1:00 PM, providing a competitive advantage for customers looking to match the speed of retail giants like Amazon and Walmart. We ship by air, sea, and land transportation, tailoring our services to your budget, timeframe, and customers’ demands; guaranteeing a seamless and efficient supply chain experience.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Pick-Pack-Ship System

It’s prudent to focus on what your business does best and leave other aspects to professionals who can do the work more efficiently than your team, such as kitting and bundling for more streamlined order processing.

a manager and warehouse associate review a pick pack ship order together

For example, your company’s core capabilities, knowledge, and experience may center around product development, marketing, and identifying new opportunities, rather than on the best ways to get items out the door in a timely manner.

Benefits of outsourcing your pick, pack, and ship system include:

  •  Your organization gets to focus on what you do best, leaving shipping to experts.
  • The 3PL team handles items quickly and efficiently so they progress faster through the supply chain.
  • In the event of a product recall being mandated by the government, your pick, pack, and ship team will be able to react immediately and begin reaching out to recipients to bring back the problematic items.
  • We handle security, so you can rest assured that your items will be stored safely in our warehousing facilities.

How a 3PL Provider Can Help Your Business’s Pick Pack Ship Needs

Take advantage of the experience, industry knowledge, and expertise of B&C Logistics to gain greater control over supply chain logistics. Our years of experience in kitting and bundling make us the ideal partner for all your shipping and fulfillment needs. When you talk to our satisfied customers, you’ll hear over and over that they prefer our services for D2C and B2B shipping logistics.

Whether you sell items to retail businesses or have a mandate to deliver directly to consumers through e-commerce campaigns out of your website, we have the capability to move items where they need to go quickly and efficiently.

Companies that are building a thriving customer base through subscription box sales, which must be delivered each month or week, will find it beneficial to partner with B&C Logistics. This partnership ensures reliable deliveries every time.

Contact a Pick-Pack-Ship Expert Today

The shipping professionals at B&C Logistics are standing by to help your organization work more efficiently and become better able to respond to shifting marketplace forces and consumer or B2B demand. To learn more about our 3PL company’s approach to pick, pack, and ship logistics and how we can help you grow your business with advanced logistics, or get a quote, contact us today.