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B2B Fulfillment Services

B2B Fulfillment Services

Supply Chain Management is complex. In order to keep your supply chain moving forward, you need to partner with the right company.  B&C Logistics can help you with whatever you need.  If you are a manufacturer that needs to store your raw materials close and feed them in based on your production schedule, we can do that.  We can tie into your system and work with you based on your schedule with Service Level Agreement.

Your need might be to distribute your finished goods. B&C can do it.  As your product comes off the line, ship it to us.  Typically, a manufacturers warehouse is not set up to handle the complex needs of finished goods fulfillment.  We will handle all of the compliance requirements of your partners, whether to a distributor or straight to market.

Retailers are demanding. We will guide you through the process.  You should focus on product development and selling your product.  That is your passion – nobody knows your product like you do.  B&C knows retailers, we know compliance.  Let our expertise work for you.  We get it done, and we get it done right!!

Value-Added B2B Fulfillment Services

We go the extra mile for our customers when it comes to business to business fulfillment services:

Product Inspection

When your products arrive from manufacturers, domestically or abroad, ensuring they align with your specifications is crucial. Product Inspection guarantees they meet your requirements. B&C, with its expertise, ensures your products meet your standards. Give us your specs, and we’ll handle the rest, offering detailed documentation and images to confirm compliance.

Assembly & Re-Packaging

B&C’s experienced team offers comprehensive assembly and repackaging services for your business needs. Whether you’re launching a new product or dealing with smaller, non-automatable projects, we’re here to assist. From assembly to repackaging, regardless of the project’s size, we aim to be your dedicated partner, ensuring your objectives are efficiently met.

Bundling / Shrink Wrapping

B&C provides B2B clients with comprehensive bundling and shrink-wrapping solutions. Whether you require our bundling and shrink-wrapping services to enhance your promotional efforts, streamline shipping operations, or fulfill particular logistics demands, we possess the expertise to ensure your product stands out prominently and effectively.

Labeling / Relabeling

In need of label modifications? Facing regulatory challenges? Considering UPC updates? Dealing with discounters’ label specifications? Or looking to implement coupon applications? B&C is your solution. Our proficient team can efficiently handle high-volume tasks and cost-effectively address your needs.


Rework typically arises when there are issues, often linked to packaging defects or missing components. In such cases, quick product fixes are essential to meet retailer expectations. B&C excels at handling rework efficiently and promptly, ensuring your product swiftly returns to the market. No task is too small or too large for us.

Cross Docking

Experiencing delivery challenges like early arrivals or appointment denials? B&C is your solution. We’ll manage your trailer, product, and ensure secure storage until your rescheduled delivery. In case of issues such as damage or pallet mishaps, we’ll inspect, resolve, and manage the reshipment efficiently. B&C is dedicated to getting it right for you.