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Direct to Consumer (DTC) Fulfillment Services

Direct to Consumer (DTC) Fulfillment

Direct to Consumer Fulfillment Services

Tailored to Your Needs

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At B&C Logistics, we understand the importance of establishing a direct relationship with your customers to foster brand loyalty. In today’s fast-paced world, where consumers expect swift shipping and precise order tracking, a sluggish direct-to-consumer order fulfillment process can have adverse effects on your company’s reputation.

As a reliable D2C partner, B&C serves as your trusted expert, to help you navigate the complex processes of fulfilling orders through the modern supply chain. Doing so allows you to focus on your core business processes, while the direct-to-consumer fulfillment professionals handle all of the details of getting your products out the door and to your customers promptly and efficiently. With B&C Logistics as your fulfillment partner, you can confidently meet your customers’ expectations and build lasting brand success.

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Why Do You Need a D2C Partner?

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A business can benefit from a direct-to-consumer (D2C) partner for several reasons. A D2C partner brings specialized expertise in managing online sales, marketing, and customer engagement, enabling the business to optimize its D2C operations effectively. This expertise allows the company to focus on its core competencies. So, while you work to source or internally develop products for your customer base, you can entrust the critical aspect of direct-to-consumer sales to a capable partner.

In addition, partnering with a D2C specialist means the business can avoid the hassle of managing staff levels that might change with demand. Instead, they can rely on the partner’s expertise and resources to handle D2C operations efficiently. This is particularly useful in the e-commerce world,

where demand can fluctuate dramatically due to factors like viral ad campaigns or the hectic holiday season.

Furthermore, B&C’s existing infrastructure and resources can handle the complexities of order fulfillment, inventory management, and logistics, ensuring efficient and timely deliveries to customers. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also frees the business from the logistical challenges that come with managing fulfillment in-house.

By collaborating with a D2C partner, businesses can streamline their operations, avoid resource constraints, and capitalize on their partner’s experience to enhance customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and establish a stronger brand presence in the online marketplace.

Value-Added Direct to Consumer Fulfillment Services

We go the extra mile for our customers when it comes to direct to consumer fulfillment services:

Product Inspection

When your products arrive, whether from a domestic or international manufacturer, Product Inspection by B&C ensures they meet your specifications. Share your specific requirements with us, and our Inspection team will conduct a comprehensive assessment providing detailed documentation and images to confirm compliance.


B&C’s skilled team excels in offering light assembly services. Whether you’re introducing a new product or working on a smaller, non-automatable project, we’re here to assist. Share your requirements or, even better, provide us with a sample. No matter the project’s size, we aim to be your dedicated partner in helping you achieve your goals efficiently.

Promotional Packaging

If you’re looking to boost your brand or introduce a new product, the B&C team is here to assist. We’ll collaborate with you right from the start to develop a cost-effective plan for maximizing exposure. Whether you need promotional cards, a 2-for-1 sale, or a promotional package, we’ll offer creative ideas and work with you to ensure it’s executed flawlessly, guaranteeing success.


Kitting simplifies order fulfillment by pre-assembling items into ready-to-ship kits, saving you from picking and packing individually. Whether it’s food, meal packages, or special clubs, B&C works with you, sourcing materials, and handling the packaging. We can also combine promotional packaging for holidays or gift boxes. We’ll make it happen for you efficiently.


If you need product repackaging to meet specific requirements, B&C has you covered. Repackaging is a standard part of our operations. For instance, if your product arrives in a 24-pack but needs to be shipped as a 6-pack, simply bring it to us. We’ll manage everything ensuring a smooth and precise process.

Cross Docking

Facing delivery challenges such as early arrivals or denied delivery appointments? B&C is your solution. We can manage your trailer, unload your products, and store them until your rescheduled delivery. In cases of denials due to damage or pallet issues, B&C will handle the unloading, perform inspections, and resolve the problem before reshipping the products.

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Trust the Experts

B&C Logistics offers specialized D2C services for seamless shipping nationally and internationally

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Focus on Business Growth

Concentrate on expanding your business while B&C Logistics takes care of picking, packing, and shipping

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Professional Handling

We focus on ensuring the utmost professionalism in all aspects of fulfillment

Elements Of Our Direct to Consumer Fulfillment Service

B&C Logistics takes pride in our professionalism and attention to detail for direct-to-consumer fulfillment services, which include:

What are the Benefits of DTC Fulfillment?

You’ll benefit from making the switch to DTC fulfillment in a variety of ways, including:

Control over the customer experience:

Your business can directly interact with customers, ensuring better brand representation and personalized service.

Data insights:

DTC channels provide valuable data on customer preferences, behaviors, and buying habits, enabling targeted marketing and product improvements.

Higher profit margins:

Eliminating intermediaries allows businesses to retain more of the revenue, leading to improved profitability.

Faster time-to-market:

DTC fulfillment streamlines the supply chain, reducing delivery times and enhancing overall efficiency.

Brand loyalty and trust:

By establishing a direct connection with customers, companies can build stronger relationships, fostering loyalty and trust.

Enhanced marketing opportunities:

DTC allows for tailored marketing campaigns, personalized recommendations, and cross-selling opportunities.

Flexibility in pricing:

Businesses can adjust pricing strategies and offer promotions more effectively without external constraints.

Outsourced warehousing:

Partnering with a D2C specialist means you don’t have to maintain your own warehousing facilities (or expand them).

Bypassing retail challenges:

By selling directly to consumers, companies can avoid the complexities and costs associated with traditional retail distribution.

Hassle-free returns:

Any returns will be handled by our team on your behalf, so you can remain focused on your core business processes.

Why Use B&C as Your 3PL for Your D2C Fulfillment

Nestled in the heart of the Midwest, partnering with B&C Logistics not only offers a distinct advantage but also paves the way for enhanced cost savings and efficiency. Operating your logistical operations from this strategic location not only gives you the advantage of accessing the most favorable shipping rates to other regions across the country but also allows you to enhance transit times, ensuring that your deliveries are smooth and efficient.

As a reliable frontrunner in the realm of direct-to-consumer (D2C) fulfillment services, B&C Logistics brings an unwavering sense of professionalism and meticulous attention to detail to every facet of the process. With the decision to collaborate with us, your business not only experiences a newfound freedom to focus on core growth endeavors but also entrusts us to deftly manage a spectrum of tasks including order fulfillment, kitting, bundling, and returns management. Our steadfast dedication to efficiency ensures that your prized products reach your valued customers promptly and in an impeccably pristine state.

Choosing B&C as your D2C fulfillment partner provides you with a scalable and flexible infrastructure, ensuring smooth operations during peak seasons and demand fluctuations. With a direct connection to your customers, you can foster brand loyalty, trust, and deliver personalized service, while we take care of the logistical complexities. Entrust your fulfillment needs to B&C Logistics and capitalize on our expertise to enhance customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and establish a dominant presence in the competitive online marketplace.

To learn more about our approach to warehousing and order fulfillment or to get started with a bespoke solution for your organization’s supply chain requirements, get in touch with B&C Logistics today.