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About us

About Us

Connecting your Supply Chain

B&C Logistics Group is a 3 PL, but we are not your traditional 3PL.  We take a consultative approach when working with our clients.  We realize that not everyone has a need for the same service, that’s why we customize our solutions to meet our clients needs.  Supply chain logistics can be complex and overwhelming, internal resources can be limited, improper navigation can be costly, especially in retail logistics. 

B&C has the ability, the knowledge and the expertise to get your product off of the factory floor all the way to the customer’s door.  With B&C, no need to worry about your logistics, we will handle it all for you.  You can focus on your core competencies and your passion… your products. 

You will have peace of mind working with B&C, peace of mind knowing it will get done and it will get done right.  

What Defines Us

Passion & Success

Customer Service


Why B&C?

B&C Logistics Group will be the strongest link in your supply chain.  We will provide collaborative results that will not only satisfy customer requirements, but will go above and beyond traditional 3PLs.  B&C will always provide you with repeatable, results oriented, fulfillment logistics with a white glove approach.

Our philosophy is simple, if your business grows, our business grows. We have a vested interest in your business and we will treat it like it is our own. We will proactively coordinate with you, your suppliers and your customers to provide customizable solutions to get your product to market on time and in full. We will meet your deadlines, we will meet your MABDs and we will make your customers happy. Your customers don’t want to hear excuses, they want it done.

B&C Logistics gets it done and we get it done right!