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Cosmetic and Beauty Fulfillment Services

Cosmetic and Beauty Fulfillment Services

Streamline Your Beauty Business

Fast and Efficient

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As you build up your business in the beauty and cosmetic industry, increasing your customer base and the size and scope of your operations, it makes sense to partner with an expert provider of fulfillment solutions. Doing so will help you move products to consumers without delay.

This is why so many companies prefer to work with B&C Logistics for fast and efficient beauty fulfillment.

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Solutions We Create for Your Beauty Fulfillment Needs

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At B&C Logistics, we have years of experience helping e-commerce companies with cosmetics 3PL services. Here’s an overview of the solutions we provide:

climate controlled warehousing storage for beauty and cosmetics
assembly line packing and shipping orders for beauty and cosmetic shipping
warehouse staff memeber using a mobile computer to track and ship orders

Climate-Controlled Storage


Many cosmetic and beauty products, such as anti-aging creams and serums, have strict climate control requirements. Our warehouse is equipped with temperature and light-controlled storage areas. Contact us with details about your special storage needs, and we’ll devise a customized solution for your product line.

Scalable Solutions for Growing Beauty Brands


As your business grows, we’ll help you smoothly expand operations. For example, you might launch a new product using a crowdsourcing campaign and suddenly need to fulfill an explosion of orders due to popular demand. We offer scalable solutions to continue meeting demand.

Enhanced Efficiency and Cost Savings


With years of industry experience and a focus on cost-cutting, our use of the latest software and technology helps you save money on every order fulfilled. Save both time and money while gaining peace of mind, knowing that your customers’ orders are processed accurately and delivered promptly.

Streamlined Order Fulfillment for Improved Customer Experience

When your business involves direct-to-consumer shipments, you want the fulfillment process to be as streamlined as possible. That’s where B&C Logistics can help. You will build up customer loyalty thanks to our flawless fulfillment capabilities. They’ll look forward to receiving each shipment, confident it will arrive intact and on time.

Management Integration is intergral to our warehousing services

Robust Inventory Management for Better Stock Control

Our computerized inventory management system verifies which items are in stock and which ones are close to running out, so we can maintain product levels to meet consumer demand.

Seamless Integration with E-commerce Platforms

You can confidently set up shop on multiple online storefronts and not need to worry about fulfillment. B&C Logistics offers easy integration with all major e-commerce platforms, so you can provide cosmetic and beauty products to customers using their preferred site.

A warehouse manager and packer ensuring Quality Control
Package Labeling and Barcoding are important when shipping from warehouses

Customized Packaging and Branding Solutions

Our branding experts will help you develop customized packaging, which helps extend your presence in the marketplace.

Dedicated Customer Support for Peace of Mind

When you entrust your supply chain with B&C Logistics, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing our cosmetic fulfillment professionals have your back. We work tirelessly to ensure your orders go out smoothly and efficiently as customers purchase your products. You will have access to dedicated customer support services if any questions or issues arise concerning shipments to your customers.

Kitting and Product Bundling are an important process for warehousing at B&C logistics
B&C warehousing boats advanced Reporting technology

Enhanced Fulfillment Efficiency with Our Bespoke Technology Solutions

B&C Logistics follows industry best practices so we can work as efficiently as possible for the cosmetic and beauty businesses that engage our services. We build customized software and technology solutions to best meet each company’s fulfillment and shipping requirements.

Get Started with B&C Logistics for Your Beauty Fulfillment Needs

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successful beauty and cosmetic fufillment

You can streamline your business and devote more time to focus on your core strengths when you partner with B&C Logistics to outsource beauty fulfillment tasks. If you have questions about our capabilities in fulfillment or would like to get started, please contact us today.