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Bespoke Technology

Bespoke Technology

We are all accustomed to having everything online at our fingertips for immediate access, and we think this shouldn’t be limited to just entertainment and shopping. Our motto is “You should never have to ask!”. We make it easy through our tailored technology package.

B&C offers real-time visibility into our operations through our cloud-based WMS that is customized for each and every customer. We work directly with our customers to understand their needs and define requirements.

Tell us what data you need, how you want it, and when you want it; we make it happen.


Realtime Dashboard

Our WMS dashboard can be configured to be as intricate or as simple as you want. At a glance, you will be able to view the entire fulfillment process- goods coming in, assembled, stored, picked, staged, and shipped.

On the go? Only have your phone? Not a problem, our dashboard and entire WMS package can be viewed from your mobile device.

We make it easy to retrieve valuable information about your business, all on a single screen. With one single click on a metric, you can drill down into your data to make better business decisions based on real figures.

Our tailored dashboards are a powerful way to quickly see high-level performance data with the flexibility to see detailed information when needed.

Automated Notifications

Don’t have time to dig through the dashboard and reports? We can land receiving, shipping, stock-out, and hundreds of other types of alerts to your inbox as soon as they are triggered.

Get notified as soon as an item falls below your re-order point, when we ship an order, or when an item received is found to be damaged. Whatever you need to know, we can create an email notification for it.

Need to dive in? Click the link sent in the email to instantly view the corresponding transaction or report requested.

Advanced Reporting

If the data exists in our system, we can generate a report for you. Each table within our WMS is flexible, if there is a particular attribute of an order, item, receipt, or some other transaction that doesn’t exist- we can add it so you can track it!

In other systems, even a small change to a report can take days or weeks for the ‘devs’ to create. That’s not the case at B&C, we can rapidly customize and generate powerful reports that help you make better business decisions.

Are you more of a do-it-yourself type? Not a problem, the system is wide open for you to craft your own custom report within any table in the WMS. You can perform serious drill downs into the data, then set a schedule for your report to be sent to you. It can be as frequent as once every five minutes, or as little as once a month/year.

Image/Document Library

Find yourself digging through emails and reports for documentation frequently? Wish you could go to one place to find relevant documents for your shipping activities? We’ve got you covered, all just a click away.

Whether you are looking for photos of your freight, signed Bill of Lading, or inbound packing slips and invoices, all of your documents are tied to each transaction in our WMS available for download at any time.

Our WMS allows any file type to be attached to any record or transaction, regardless of its type. Save yourself time searching around, simply click a record or transaction and download whatever you need instantly.

Full Traceability

When serious non-conformance situations arise, minutes can mean lives.

Speed and accuracy are the most important things to look for in inventory control systems.  With a click of a mouse, our system is able to provide you with instant reports showing the vendor from which the goods came in, where the goods are in the warehouse, and where the goods went for any lot, batch, or inbound shipment instantly.

In the event of a serious problem, rest assured as our WMS will be able to perform. Within a minute, you can identify the ‘one-step-forward’ and ‘one-step-backward’ for any recall situation. This allows you to notify the appropriate authorities quickly with accurate counts of the affected goods, and where they exist in the supply chain.

System Synchronization

If your business runs on an ERP system (Netsuite, Quickbooks, SAP)  and you want to connect directly to our operations, we make it possible through our WMS API.

Our WMS API is based on REST+JSON which offer your development team high flexibility in terms of building an integration. There are also a variety of pre-built client libraries available (Java, Javascript, PHP, C#, Python, Swift).

Our WMS can also export and retrieve files to an FTP/SFTP site in XML, CSV, XLSX, and JSON formats.

Some but not all touchpoints for connections:

  • ERP Sales Orders -> WMS Order Table
  • WMS Shipments -> ERP Update/Closeout Sales Order
  • ERP Purchase Orders -> WMS Inbound PO Table (ASN)
  • WMS Item Receipt -> ERP Update/Closeout PO
  • ERP Products/Item Master Records -> WMS Item Table
  • ERP Suppliers -> WMS Vendor Table
  • and more!

Customized Documentation

Our WMS documents are completely customizable via HTML/CSS. Whether it is a label for retailer compliance, a custom promo card, or a branded packing slip/invoice, we are able to make our system automatically generate it!

Customized Documentation Examples:

  • Bill of Ladings
  • Commercial Invoices
  • Packing Slips
  • B2C Order Invoices
  • Marketing Promotion Inserts
  • Branded Labeling
  • Custom GS1-128 Compliant Labels
  • and more!