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E-commerce shops, brick-and-mortar retailers, wholesalers, and fulfillment centers need reliable retail fulfillment solutions to obtain the inventory they need to sell to customers. B&C Logistics takes the complexity out of supply chain logistics and simplifies it with reliable and quick warehousing, distribution, and subscription box strategies tailored to your specific operations. Let us help you streamline your supply chain to make it easier to process orders, store merchandise, and ship products to customers.

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Smooth Out Your Retail Fulfillment Process

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Retail fulfillment can have crazy sales periods where inventory is in high demand and products are flying off the shelf. Ensuring that every order is filled and shipped can take a lot of time and resources for companies. Whether you are a new e-commerce shop going through rapid expansion and need better retail distribution strategies, or you are a veteran company that requires streamlined warehousing solutions, B&C Logistics provides end-to-end 3PL services.

Retail Fulfillment differs from business-to-consumer (B2C) fulfillment as you are dealing with large purchase orders, electronic data interchanges (EDI), chargebacks, and other tasks. It can get overwhelming, especially when you have a large retail client list and shipments are going to numerous locations across the country on a daily basis. With B&C Logistics services, we make the work manageable for companies

Elements of Our Retail Distribution Service

We offer end-to-end retail fulfillment solutions so you can obtain the strategies you need at all times. Elements of our services include the following:

Package Labeling and Barcoding are important when shipping from warehouses
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The B&C warehouse is located in the midwest which means optimal shipping for ecommerce

Purchase and Fulfillment Orders:

Our purchase and fulfillment solutions ensure that your order processing works efficiently. This includes working with a reliable EDI system so you know how much products the retailer needs at specified times to replenish inventory.


To be able to fulfill orders, you need to ensure that the merchandise is available in the specified quantities. Our warehousing services provide short-term and long-term storage based on retail customer demand. Additionally, our inventory management system optimizes stock levels ensuring you have the right products on hand when you need them.

Shipment Delivery & Pickup:

Whether products are going directly to the store or to a distribution center, the products must be packaged, labeled, and shipped efficiently while helping to reduce transportation costs. Our retail distribution services help make delivery and pickup quick and simple.

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What are the Benefits of Retail Fulfillment?

A major benefit of retail fulfillment is scalability. It can be tailored to your present retail demands and then modified to meet changing customer demand and business growth. Whether you are consolidating retail locations or expanding into new regions, our retail fulfillment solutions can be immediately implemented to suit your operations. You are also able to tailor our solutions so you can get the work that complements your present supply chain processes, such as obtaining value-added services like kitting, reworking, or cross-docking.

Choose B&C Logistics for Your Company

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If you are a subscription box company, brick-and-mortar retailer, or e-commerce shop, you can fully leverage your order processing and supply chain operations with trusted retail fulfillment solutions from B&C Logistics. Let us handle the details so you can bring in more customers and profits. Contact us today to learn more.