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E-Commerce Fulfillment

Ecommerce growth has skyrocketed in the last year with trends unlike anything we’ve ever seen, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Representing 14% of the total retail spending in 2020, consumers are relying on Ecommerce more and more, but with certain expectations.  Consumers want their orders shipped directly to their door in the fastest time available.  Same day / next day shipping is now the standard in B2C fulfillment.  As a supplier, you must be sure to have a partner in place that can efficiently process the order and get it out the door in a timely manner.   B&C ships the same day if the order is in before 1PM, next day if it comes in after 1.

Whether you sell through multiple channels or just one, B&C  will handle it all for you.  Business to Consumer or Direct to Consumer, we process the order, pick, pack and ship it to your customer.  With API, we have the ability to link our system directly to most online marketplaces.  When your customer completes the check-out process, an order is instantly created in our system. This quick, electronic transmission of information allows us to pick, pack and ship orders even faster.  Most of the time, with a two-way sync, we are able to upload status and tracking information to your marketplace.  As an additional customer service feature, we can also send additional confirmation emails out of our system automatically.

Brand Integrity

Building a brand is hard work. You don’t want a reduction in quality, service, or reliability in the fulfillment and shipping process. B&C treats your products exactly as our own. We implement quality controls and continuous improvement processes to always protect your brand. With our concentrated focus on fulfillment and distribution, we provide you the speed, service and scalability needed to deliver positive customer experiences.  In the current environment, ratings are everything and speed and communication are the quickest ways to impact customer satisfaction.

We will work with you and your team to develop rigorous performance and quality standards to help your brand stand out in the crowd.

API Integration Capabilities

B&C has the capabilities of seamlessly integrating with over seventy online marketplaces.

Do you have a custom store front that needs integration? Our WMS system is REST API capable with a well-documented programming library to build a custom connection.

List of E Commerce Customizations

  • Two-way inventory synchronization
  • SKU Filtering – Multi-channel Fulfillment
  • Branded ‘Shipping’ & ‘Delivery’ email notifications
  • Customized shipment packing slips and invoices
  • Dynamic Kitting & Bundling
  • Promotional Inserts
  • Subscription Box Support
  • Stock reservation support for specific marketplaces
  • API order delivery/confirmation.
  • Support for XML, CSV, JSON, PDF, XLSX import/export over FTP.