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Operation Save The Toys!

While 2020 has thrown the world some curveballs, B&C Logistics has always been here listening, adapting, innovating and overcoming! We are so proud of our team for powering through no matter what uncertainties came of this year. That is who WE ARE!

In a time where anxiety is heightened and people are looking for consistency and confidence, issues do arise that need to be handled to give back that sense of trust and happiness. On December 11th, B&C Logistics Warehouse in DeKalb faced that exact moment and reacted.

B&C Logistics was contacted by an international toy manufacturing customer that 35,000 units they imported from China was delivered with serious packaging issues where the product was supposed to stand up in the box for retail presentation. The product arrived sideways and upside down in over half of the retail boxes causing the retailer to pull the product off of the shelves. All 35,000 units would either have to be fixed or destroyed.

It is all about problem solving! The B&C Team quickly moved into action, working with the customer to come up with how the presentation could be fixed in the packaging to appeal to the retail customer. ALL 35,000 units were inspected. 50% of the products needed to be opened up, removed from the packaging where glue dots were placed on the bottom of the toys to secure them in the box. The product was then repackaged along with the accessories and resealed, placed back in the master carton and the skids rebuilt to specification of the new retailer and OUT THE DOOR!
B&C worked tirelessly and effortlessly to give the customer exactly what they wanted going above and beyond because this is what they do. They restored the confidence of a retailer that felt at a loss and secured a wonderful new relationship.
Your customers don’t want to hear excuses, they want it done. B&C Logistics gets it done and we get it done right!