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B&C has no limits!

In a time when so many companies are finding themselves at mercy of delayed shipments, B&C has found a way to help get you back on track.

When B&C was informed from their long time supplier to Walmart that they were struggling to keep product in stock, they knew that they could be problem solvers in the best way possible.

Due to significant overseas supplier delays and delays on the manufacturing side as well as ocean liners, store in stocks were becoming low. Low stock results in the customer becoming unable to buy product in the stores which ultimately leads to a domino effect of instability. The buyer told our customer that they needed to do a Direct to Store (DTS) order in order to bring up the store in stocks or risk being removed as a supplier. The DTS order includes shipping up to 24 SKUs to almost 3775 stores.

The order was presented to B&C Logistics on 1/13 with a 1/19 ship date. If the 1/19 ship date was not made, our customer risked additional fines and/or deductions.

Close to 60,000 items needed to be picked, packed and shipped within 5 days.

Having performed this type of DTS previously, on an even larger scale, B&C knew we had the expertise to pull this off for our customer.

After a team strategy meeting, B&C organized our staff to make sure we could cover all shifts for the next 5 days, including the weekend.

B&C Sorted the orders so we would be shipping the orders that had the highest transit time (4-day, 3-day, 2-day, 1-day). We shipped the orders out small parcel, every day, as we completed the orders. We did this so that all orders would be delivered on the same day satisfying the buyer and removing any unnecessary worry.

As of 1/19, all orders have been successfully shipped On Time and In Full within all compliance guidelines.