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Struggling to hit your MABD’s?

Is On Time and In Full new to you?

Retailers are tightening up on compliance like never before – On Time and In Full is fundamental to the success of your business.

· You don’t want fines for non-compliance
· You don’t want your buyers to come back and ask what’s wrong with your supply chain
· You do everything right with your supply chain but deliver a day late resulting in a fine that eats into your profit
· You don’t want your carrier to hit you with a fee because they reweighed your freight, again eating into your profit.

How do you avoid all of these issues? You partner with the right 3PL. B&C Logistics IS that partner!

· WE will meet your deadlines.
· WE will meet your MABD’s.
· WE will make sure all of your compliance is right on the money.
· WE have the expertise to help you.

Let us show you the way with our customizable solutions – B&C Logistics, Connecting your Supply Chain.

Contact Brian Severson,, 779-255-1402, to learn how B&C can help you get it done and get it done right!
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