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How B&C Can Help You Handle Reverse Logistics

How B&C Can Help You Handle Reverse Logistics

The area of a chain of supply involving customer shipments and orders is called fulfillment logistics. These include the storage of inventory within a warehouse for eCommerce and the timely delivery and packaging of orders. B & C Logistics offers fulfillment logistics services that meet all these requirements.

What is Reverse Logistics?

The process of moving products from the customers back to manufacturers or sellers is reverse logistics. This process is another kind of management of a supply chain. Reverse logistics are needed for the processing or recycling of a return once the customer gets the product. It also involves container and package recycling, or product refurbishing. In addition to the reconditioning or disposing of products that have been rendered obsolete.

What is the Process of Reverse Logistics?

Another term for reverse logistics is returns management. This is the process e-commerce and retail business go through when consumers want to return merchandise. It starts with the collection of the product from the consumer or retail outlet. The business must then organize and restock the product to ensure it is ready to be marketed again.

What are Inventory and Distribution?

The method in which retailers and merchants decrease the time in transit or TNT of delivery miles is inventory distribution. Instead of keeping inventory stored in one warehouse or center of fulfillment, inventory is modified throughout a warehouse network.

Contact Us To Handle Your Reverse Logistics

When you are looking for the ideal partner in distribution and warehousing, look no further than B&C Logistics. We are advocates for a company’s success through coordinating actions of personalized 3PL in Illinois. Contact us today by telephone at 779-255-1400 or send us an email at We look forward to helping you with all your reverse logistics issues.