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E-Commerce Analytics These Five Metrics For Deep Insights Into Customer Behavior

E-Commerce Analytics: These Five Metrics For Deep Insights Into Customer Behavior

Business analytics can assist in tracking why certain products are more popular than others. One of the top metrics is consumer behavior, which provides current data for product growth in the marketplace. But you need to have accurate numbers to measure your business’s success.

Customer behavior metrics provide how the market engages in making product purchases. The data analyzes their engagement, retention, brand loyalty, conversion rate, and revenue to your products. When you choose B&C Logistics as your e-commerce fulfillment company in Illinois, you will find your services are more streamlined and efficient. 

Let’s take a closer look at five metrics that track customer behavior:


Engagement shows the period of time customers spend on your business’s website before making a purchase. The longer on the site, the more likely purchase is completed. The metric numbers must account for those customers who log in to their site account and make an immediate purchase without delay. The results will show how easy it is to navigate your website. If the design provides a favorable experience, the metrics will register high. And more importantly, a greater chance for customers to return. If the site is too confusing to navigate, your e-commerce sales will suffer.


The task of attracting new customers is a difficult task for any business. Thus, you convert them into becoming returning customers. The process begins by providing satisfaction and delight from their recent purchase. The analytics will show their purchase history by highlighting why customers return to the website. Often, the data will put the spotlight on customer survey feedback. The information will support keeping the services provided intact or making immediate changes to the site. All with the hope of having customers return to make more online purchases. It is all part of the road to brand loyalty.

Brand Loyalty

If the analytics show brand loyalty, your website content is engaging and appealing to the target audience. However, the process is not easy. First, you must correctly identify your audience and employ a strategy that promotes loyalty from the consumer base. But the purchasing checkout process must be fast and easy to follow. The metrics will show if the process is confusing to customers. Too complicated of a task will drive traffic away from your website. However, the right design will increase the audience’s purchasing power and keep them returning.

Conversion Rate

Tracking your website’s conversion rate will help to gain brand loyalty. If you disregard the numbers, it will be hard to identify where improvements are needed to drive more traffic to the site. The analytics is measured by dividing the number of sales processed by the number of customer interactions. All with the hope of creating engagement with the user that leads to a purchase.


All businesses monitor their sales traffic patterns online. Revenue metrics measure the effectiveness and performance of the e-commerce marketing plan. The knowledge gained will help tweak your website design because of the difficulty in sustaining the same revenue each year. The data may show to put your most popular products on the site’s front page. It allows customers to have easy access to make immediate purchases. It is a simple process to secure more online revenue.

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