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5 Ways to Improve Your E-Commerce Business

5 Ways to Improve Your E-Commerce Business

Now that you have your e-commerce business up and running, and now you’re looking forward to sales. However, before you can get the results you’re looking for, you first need to optimize your online store and develop great strategies to capture the attention of your customers. In this blog post, we share 5 ways to improve your e-commerce business, so that you can get the most profit as quickly as possible.

Get Rid of Abandoned Carts

Even if you were successfully able to get 100 customers to visit your website, as many as 70 people will leave without checking out the contents of their cart. Unfortunately, this is where many eCommerce businesses will lose sales, which is why you need to stop this from happening. A big reason why customers leave their cart is due to additional fees (as well as the price of the items themselves). To lower your cart abandonment rate, be sure to send follow-up emails to your customers reminding them of what was in their cart.

Cross-selling and Upselling Products

What are upselling and cross-selling? For example, if you were to replace an old guitar with a new one but are looking to upgrade to a more expensive model, that’s when a salesperson can upsell you. When you do get your hands on that new guitar but realize that you also need a tuner, strings, a case, and other accessories, then that’s the perfect time for a salesperson to cross-sell to you. Just by practicing these great strategies, you can make much more profit.

Capitalize on Social Media

It comes as no surprise that Facebook is a driving force behind social commerce. Other sites include Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, as well as Reddit, but depending on your niche, you may need to look into other websites too. While owners of small and medium-sized businesses may find it hard to make sales through social media at first, it still provides a great platform to showcase your products and services.

Being Creative

Make sure to improve the description and presentation of your products, creating real, SEO-optimized copy for all your products. Avoid using standard descriptions that come from your database. Moreover, be sure to use attractive photos of your products to build trust through the visuals you provide your clients.

Use Affiliates

An affiliate associate can help you push your products out to the market since they will get commissions from doing so. While you may need to pay a percentage of your profits, affiliates can increase your sales and may be worth the exchange. Finally, make it easy for an affiliate to sign up with you, to ensure there are no hassles, and to make sure that they can easily promote your products.

E-Commerce Done Right With B&C Logistics Group

No matter your business goals, the strategies above can get you running in no time. For eCommerce fulfillment in Chicago, be sure to look for B&C Logistics for quick and efficient services. We’re also one of the best warehousing and distribution companies in the state, so give us a call at 1-779-255-1400.