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What is a Kit Assembly?

What is a Kit Assembly?

Quite simply, a kit assembly is a collection of products bundled together. A kit assembly can be used to boost business in a variety of ways; companies can promote new products by including a new item with popular products, offer customers special deals and savings with discounted bundles, and simplify box subscription services with adaptable kits that make it easy to update product combinations and promotional items at a moment’s notice.  

Logistics companies that offer kit assembly services offer unlimited options to modify what’s included in the kit. Since kitting services make it easier to create interesting product combinations and naturally inspire increased customer engagement, the kit assembly has become a highly popular business practice among online marketplaces, subscription box companies, and businesses rolling out a new product. 

What Kind of Products Benefit From Kit Assembly? 

In reality, almost every product line imaginable can benefit from a targeted kit assembly campaign. Think about package deals from some of the biggest companies out there; companies like Microsoft use kit assembly for their gaming consoles, Nike offers combination shoe & swag packages, and nearly every other big name out there takes advantage of the power of bundled products.

Companies that regularly update product lines or businesses that are new to the marketplace can seriously benefit from bundling. The best way to get any brand out there is to show your customers that the products work well and have an amazing value. What better way to demonstrate value and show your customers that you care than by giving them multiple helpful products while saving them money at the same time? 

Kitting and bundling taps into basic consumer psychology; customers feel like they are getting more than they paid for. When customers save money over individual product purchases and receive bonus items or unexpected gifts, it’s only natural that they leave glowing reviews and tell their friends about the awesome deals they just received. 

Kit Assembly is a Great Way to Educate Customers About Other Products

Kit assembly offers a realistic solution for underselling inventory. For example, your favorite facial cleansing products may be a hit with your customers, but perhaps, your wrinkle-corrective eye cream may be missing the mark. You know your customers already care about their beauty, so why not include your eye cream as a surprise gift to repeat customers? Your customers will feel valued, may love the new product, and are more likely to make a new purchase now that they know how effective your related products are. 
By improving the customer experience with a thoughtful kit, customers that have shown interest in your popular products will be inspired to branch out and try new ones. Providing a better value for customers is the ultimate goal, so find a warehouse fulfillment center that can help you manage the kitting process with success. You’ll be on your way to repeat customers, healthier inventory rotation, and growing brand awareness as your satisfied customers spread the word.