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How To Start A Successful 3PL Business

How To Start A Successful 3PL Business

Starting a successful 3PL business can be quite challenging, but it is also an exciting adventure. If you can get your start-off right, you can rise to become a force to reckon with in international travel and shipping. Costly mistakes, on the other hand, can spell doom for the business before you even get your first customer. That is why we have put this short guide together to help you start well and flourish in the business.

What Is A 3PL Business?

A 3PL (Third-party logistics) business provides at least one logistics service. A 3PL business may provide only one such service or several. Examples of logistics services that 3PL businesses provide include distribution management, public warehousing, transportation management, freight consolidation, and contract warehousing, among others. At BC Logistics group, our services include warehouse and distribution in Rockford, Il.

The Benefits Of Starting A 3PL Business

The benefits of starting a 3PL business are multifaceted. To start with, you will be helping to drive savings in your customer’s running costs while you are making your profit. Your experience and expertise will also come in handy for several small and medium-sized businesses that cannot run an in-house logistics service.

Moreover, your logistics solution will allow your customers to focus on their core competencies while you focus on yours. That synergy is beneficial for you, your clients, and the economy.

What Type Of 3PL Business Are You Starting?

3PL businesses are generally of three types. So, if you are starting a 3PL business, you must decide what type of business you want. You could start an asset-based 3PL business with warehouses and lorries, as well as personnel to operate the business. 

Your 3PL company could also be management-based. That means you will only offer technological and managerial solutions for your customer’s logistics functions. You may also start your 3PL business as an integrated provider. That means you will offer integrated services that meet your customers’ specific needs.

Whatever type of 3PL business you choose to operate, we are here to help you succeed in your business. We can guide you on how to start your asset-based 3PL business. We can also partner with you and make our assets available if you desire to run a management-based or integrated 3PL business. 

Steps On How To Start A 3PL Business

Here are the steps you should take if you are starting an asset-based 3PL business:

  1. Buy or lease warehouses. Remember to install shelves and racks, as well as other infrastructure.
  2. Your warehouses also need technology for scanning barcodes, processing orders, and connecting to carrier software.
  3. Buy all necessary equipment, such as industrial scales, scanning devices, forklifts, computer workstations, and hand carts.
  4. Start hiring your warehouse and management teams. Remember to hire a manager and HR personnel, as well as logistics, legal, and compliance experts. 


Starting a successful 3PL business is a capital-intensive investment. Scaling requirements make it an even more intense process for many people. If these requirements are standing in the way of starting your 3PL business, you may consider a partnership with existing 3PL companies in Chicago. Contact us today to get started.