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How Fulfillment Companies Efficiently Track Large Shipments

How Fulfillment Companies Efficiently Track Large Shipments

Nowadays, you can order anything from just about any website to have it delivered to your door, but with so many items being shipped once and then never again, it sometimes gets tricky to track what you ordered. That is where fulfillment companies come in. By tracking large shipments efficiently, these companies ensure customers receive their orders without hassle or confusion when they need them the most. This blog post will look at different ways fulfillment companies stay on top of their inventory like no other.

Barcodes and Radio Frequency Identification

The key to keeping track of large shipment orders is using a good warehouse management system (WMS). A WMS ensures that each product has a serial number and barcode inserted into the shipping package at packing time. This way, when a package arrives at its destination and leaves the fulfillment center, the WMS can easily track what packages have been delivered with serial numbers and barcodes. The same goes for items shipped back to suppliers; they keep their database of serial numbers, barcodes, and other information about orders sent out.

With a WMS, it is simple to tell which serial number belongs to each package. That is where RFID comes in handy. RFID technology allows a product’s barcode and serial number to be recorded and read from a distance using radio waves instead of having to read the barcode with a scanner or reader attached to an unattached order tag. With an RFID system, orders can be scanned from anywhere in the warehouse, easing the number of time orders spend at their destination and keeping track of what has already been delivered. If you are stuck, you can get started with our fulfillment in Center Rockford IL, for guidance on navigating through the supply chain process of such a tracking system.

Consolidation Services

By consolidating shipments from different suppliers at one time, fulfillment companies provide your business with more cost-efficient methods of transporting and shipping products. The company will contact the customer after receiving their order and package up the products for delivery throughout their delivery area.

For businesses requiring a constant flow of larger volumes, shipping containers through consolidation services can be a great way to get large amounts of supplies delivered within one trip to their destination. As a result, businesses can deliver their products on time without shipping multiple items in smaller packaging or with smaller amounts of packing materials.

Tracking Numbers

Whether you are using a WMS or not, tracking numbers are the best way to keep track of your order. Customers prefer to get confirmation of their package being shipped and followed through from start to finish. While a WMS can provide detailed shipping information, it does not allow you to follow the package’s journey from point A to point B in real-time. That is where tracking numbers come into play. With any tracking number, you can search for the location and status of your product shipment online and on mobile devices. If a customer happens to have trouble locating their order online, some fulfillment companies also offer phone support for customer inquiries about their shipment status.

Customer-Friendly Packaging

Custom packaging can be beneficial for high-end items with fragile or expensive components. Packaging your products separately protects each item from damage during shipping and helps customers avoid breakage during shipment. Providing custom-made packaging for all your products will give your business a competitive edge in customer satisfaction. It will also help you provide a better experience for returning visitors and encourage repeat purchases from the same customers in the future.

Shipping companies have to monitor the progress of large shipments to ensure they are delivered to the correct location and on time. Moving goods is costly and requires countless people, trucks, and copious amounts of time. Therefore, when it comes to shipping items that are as heavy as these types of products require or other goods such as cars, there needs to be a real-time method for tracking the progress online. If you wish to uncover more on other ways fulfillment companies efficiently track large shipments, you can look at our B&C Logistics website today.