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Warehousing & Distribution in Dekalb, IL

Warehousing & Distribution in Dekalb, IL

Warehousing & Distribution Center Based Out Of Dekalb, IL

Liberate your business from daily logistics hurdles and inventory headaches by trusting B&C Logistics to handle the details. As the premier fulfillment center in Dekalb, IL, we’re driven to become the strongest link in your supply chain with proven warehousing and distribution strategies. B&C Logistics only succeeds when you succeed, and offers a range of cost-effective logistics solutions built around the best distribution network in the country.

We Treat Your Business Like It’s Our Own

After years in the warehousing and distribution business, our team in Dekalb, IL is well equipped to integrate our order fulfillment services with your business model. Unlike other fulfillment centers that simply store and ship products, we strive to become an active extension of your business. From open lines of communication with your suppliers, to return processing and innovative packaging designs, we advocate for the success of your business with supply chain proficiency from the factory floor to your customer’s door.

Dedicated to giving our partner companies a competitive advantage, our advanced warehousing and distribution solutions feature cutting-edge innovation. We utilize the latest pick and pack equipment, seamlessly integrate our eCommerce fulfillment center with companies’ online platforms, and provide our clients with unparalleled inventory transparency through our user-friendly website. 

We Offer The Following Services:

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    Fulfillment Services in Dekalb, IL Scales With Your Growth

    Our fulfillment center features 45,000 square feet of actively secured storage space. In our highly organized, camera-monitored facilities, your inventory safety is our number one priority. We understand that partnering with a third-party warehouse requires trust, and do our best to provide our partner companies with continued peace of mind by prioritizing clear communication and accurate inventory monitoring at all times.

    As your companies’ operations grow, our flexible fulfillment services accommodate your expansion. Whether you’re branching out into new US markets, or would like to implement a subscription box service with our eCommerce fulfillment center, we can adjust our supply chain services quickly and affordably. 

    Beyond the best order fulfillment services in Dekalb, IL, some of our popular warehousing and distribution services include: 

    • Kitting & Bundling Services
    • Shrink Wrapping Services
    • Retail Product Rework
    • POP/Display Assembly
    • & More…

    Remain Competitive With a Third Party Warehouse in Dekalb, IL

    With access to our comprehensive distribution network, our fulfillment center provides companies with a competitive advantage. Using a third-party warehouse leads to cost savings with discounted freight shipping, reduced expenses from independent inventory management, and simplified inventory tracking for comprehensive product oversight.

    Our fulfillment services lead to shorter delivery times and improved vendor relations. By letting us handle the supplier regulations, tight delivery timelines, and every detail in between, your company is free to focus on its’ primary operations. Our specialty is fulfillment, and our extensive experience managing complicated regulations and strict shipping guidelines leads to fewer shipping errors, fees, and customer complaints. 

    If your company is expanding operations online, our eCommerce fulfillment center can expedite the process. By directly linking our eCommerce fulfillment center with your online portal, our fulfillment services lead to competitive delivery times and satisfied customers. With clearly defined tracking information and real-time shipping updates, you’ll have a clear picture and streamlined process for greater success in the online marketplace.

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    Learn More About Our Logistics Solutions in Dekalb, IL

    Our solution-oriented team is motivated to help you with realistic fulfillment solutions designed around your specific supply chain needs. From our Dekalb, IL warehousing and distribution center, to all corners of the country, we treat your inventory storage, packaging, and delivery needs as if they were our own. 

    If you’d like to learn more about our customizable logistics solutions, our friendly team is glad to help. Whether you simply need a safe storage solution, or you’re looking for extensive assistance with product rework or eCommerce integration, at B&C Logistics, we get it done, and we get it done right.