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A Day In The Life Of A Logistics Warehouse Worker

A Day In The Life Of A Logistics Warehouse Worker

When you order something online, you probably don’t think about it again until it arrives at your door – but the workers at a logistics warehouse are the ones who make sure the product you bought gets from the manufacturer into your hands. Who are the people who work at a logistics warehouse? And what is their job like? In this article, we’ll look at an average day in the life of a logistics warehouse worker.

Pre-Shift Orientation and Safety Meeting

Before the day’s work begins, warehouse workers meet to go over any safety issues and run through the work that they will be required to do that day, including current KPIs.

A KPI is a “key performance indicator” – for example, X number of orders picked per hour. These workplace goals help management evaluate performance, and they can change daily depending on the circumstances.

The pre-work meeting will also involve some dynamic stretching. Working in a logistics warehouse is physically demanding, and employees need to warm up before starting their shifts. 

Daily Work

The work in a logistics warehouse is divided into different jobs, although the same warehouse worker might work in multiple areas.

1. Pickers

Pickers are provided with a daily list of orders they need to find in the warehouse, “pick”, and prepare for delivery. This is a very demanding job, as there are a lot of orders to be picked, and they can be located anywhere in the warehouse. Most pickers use some form of digital authentication to track and verify the packages as they pick them.

2. Receivers

Receivers are responsible for reviewing the shipments that arrive at the warehouse from manufacturers, ensuring that nothing is missing or damaged.

3. Loaders 

Packages need to be loaded off of incoming trucks, and onto outgoing trucks, and moved around for storage within the warehouse. Loaders help packages get from point A to point B. 

Regular Breaks

All logistics warehouse employees must take regular breaks, according to local employment laws, so that they can function at their best and be aware while on the job. 

Logistics warehouse shifts can be between 8-12 hours long and are physically demanding. Employees must have time to rest physically and mentally at intervals throughout the day. 

End of Shift

There is no meeting or special task at the end of the day for most logistics warehouse workers, but it is recommended that workers do some cool-down stretching, and go home to a good meal and a good night’s sleep. Long-term safety and happiness as a warehouse worker are about more than completing a single shift – it is about developing healthy routines and work/life balance.

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